Recycling Wheel

Founded in 2009, A1A Eco-Transport is owned and operated from Saint Augustine, Florida. We source, research and sell quality personal and commercial light electric transportation.


a1a eco-transport + entertainment = eco-transport-tainment

What is Eco-Transpor-tainment©?

We conceived the mantra of “Eco-Transpor-tainment©” out of our obsession for cycling and knowing that riding keeps us healthy and physically content. Bike riding presents many benefits for the body, spirit and to help people rediscover the gratification of being outdoors in an environmentally friendly mode of transportation with no fossil fuels required!

Riding to work, school or for enjoyment allows us to receive the benefits of exercise and improved health. Bicycling is an excellent cardiovascular exercise for your heart. As our generation gets older (and wiser!) we experience joint pain particularly in the knees due to osteoporosis. Bicycling is kind to the joints offering exercise without pain. The aerobic benefit of biking is equivalent to jogging or running without the strain to these joints.

why Electric Bikes?

Our first product line for distribution is E-bikes. According to Electric Bikes Worldwide Reports, “The electric bike is the first wave of the electrification of the personal transportation industry,” says Frank Jamerson, publisher of EBWR. As a consumer we all want to stay active but have to consider any physical limitations we might have.

E-bikes in our present economic climate will allow less reliance on cars and motorcycles, which require costly insurance, upkeep and licenses to drive. It’s a great way to release stress from daily work at home or at the job. Bikes allow the rider to bypass traffic, slipping between cars, back roads, parks, bike paths and neighborhoods which are not easily reached by conventional transportation. This gives us the chance to see our surroundings in a view that we have not enjoyed before. E-bikes allow enjoyment, exercise and a secure backup when we are tired of pedaling!

We are moving towards green!