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A1A Eco-Transport is an exclusive distributor, wholesaler and representative for Busettii Electric Bikes Inc. in the Southeast USA and Caribbean.

Leading the world market Busetti Bikes offers the Longest life battery in the industry, Longer distance per charge and a Longer warranty
Features and Specifications on the three models include:

• Full 10 year warranty on Aluminum Alloy bike frames, 3 year warranty on motor, controller and battery—Longest in the USA.
• Shimano components standard.
• Between 40-80 miles riding on one charge of one Li-ion Super Biyadii battery.
• Both the 20” Mini 40 Mile Folding and the 26” 50 Mile Cross are under 42 lbs, without battery.
• Highest weight capacity of any e-bikes in their class in the USA.
• Bikes come with high capacity carrying racks certified for 100 lbs.
• Bikes ride great even as traditional pedal bikes and faster with electric boost than other competitors.
• Fastest acceleration and hill climbing of any e-bikes in their class in all of USA.
• Over 50 miles on a charge - non pedal assisted - the longest range of any e-bike under $3000 retail list price.
• Seats and handle bars adjust a long range of lengths for a 5’2” to 6’5” rider.
• Battery can charge (cycle) over 2000 times and has optional high-speed charger.
• Tires are slime filled, puncture resistant and self repairing.
• Computer controlled 3 power levels for pedal assistance or throttle only control.

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EZ Pedaler

EZ Pedaler is committed to providing a high quality, low maintenance e-bike:
• Aluminum Alloy 7075 Frame with corrosion resistant parts
• Shimano Nexus internal 3 speed hub
• 250 watt brushless DC front hub motor
• 36 volt 10Ah lithium ion battery

Main Street

Main Street has perfected the design of human powered pedal vehicles since its inception in 1992.They like A1A Eco Transport are committed to creating a more social and healthy environment. Main Street hand builds their Pedicabs, Pedal Pickups and Billboard Bikes in Colorado.

The Pedal Pickup and the Billboard Bike are an innovative way for any community, organization or business to provide cargo transport and a dedicated advertising and exposure platform truly helping society in our efforts of “Moving towards Green”.

The Pedal Pickup is a strong maneuverable alternative to short-haul motorized vehicles such as trucks, vans and golf carts that are street-legal in most places where bicycles are allowed and do not require insurance or licensing to operate. They can operate indoors without air or noise pollution via front-wheel hub motors. A handlebar throttle allows the operator to control the amount of power or he can operate via pedal assist. The batteries are housed below the cab body on the frame. Three-wheeled vehicles equipped with motors are within the federal guidelines for electric assist bicycles and are considered power-assist electric bicycles.

The Billboard Bike is an exciting new way to advertise grabbing the attention and being seen for blocks via backlit ad-light boxes. The perfect advertising platform for any business in metropolitan areas and perfect for downtown areas, sporting and concert events.


The e-Moto family of electric bicycles combines state-of-the-art technology with brand name components from Shimano, Tektro, and Panasonic. All e-Moto bicycles are equipped with a torque sensor that delivers power to the motor based upon the rider’s effort.

The lightweight lithium-ion batteries can be charged on the bicycle or easily removed and charged on a standard electrical outlet. e-Moto Bicycles come standard with an industry leading two-year electronics and ten-year frame warranty.